RM250 Trading Scheme

Shah Alam: Chommel Areca Enterprise (CAE), a wholly owned Bumiputera organization from Jalan Kebun, is inviting people who want to supplement their family income to participate in the chicken based food businesses, Arisan Fried Chicken. With a low capital of RM250, interested parties are invited to venture into this business through the company’s Entrepreneur Scheme.

CAE owner Mahusin Rashid said the scheme is aimed at helping these groups to open their own businesses with low capital.

“We will provide financial aid of RM12,000 to eligible applicants and they must repay this financial aid by paying RM416 a month within three years.

“From capital assistance amounting to RM12,000 through local bank loans, totaling RM1,500 deposit refund will be made for three months, RM7,500 is to package all the tools to start a business and the balance of RM3,000 is for Arisan Fried Chicken stock,” he said.

He added that, for starters, entrepreneurs will be trained for a week to ensure that they are truly efficient in handling equipment for cooking fried chicken in addition to ensuring the quality is always guaranteed.

He said qualifications to participate in the scheme is also loose and players do not have to worry about the documents to be requested by the bank.

According to Rashid, this scheme would provide remuneration that is named Special Sales Incentive if they achieve certain sales.

“Special incentives are given to partners who achieve certain sales targets in a month and it is paid in the form of a monthly loan payment which will be credited to the account of the borrower.

“These benefits are designed to accelerate the loan repayment period of the borrower,” he said.

Rashid also advised Bumiputera entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity and anyone interested can surf Facebook Bumiputra Entrepreneurs Scheme Arisan Fried Chicken through www.facebook.com/skimusahawanarisan