Marc Service Residence Investment Condo Jalan Pinang

Five good condominiums were recently discovered around the Jalan Perak / Pinang / P. Ramlee area of Kuala Lumpur for investment purposes. It is said that all known information about a piece of real estate in reflected in the price. The price of these five properties have been quietly appreciating over the years. While the actual reasons for this phenomenal appreciation is open to debate, the fact remains that this is a good investment property. In Part 1 of this report, the identity of the first gem was revealed. If you missed it, search this website for Parkview KLCC Investment Condo Changkat Perak. Now in Part 2, the second gem is unveiled.

Marc Service Residence

Marc Service Residence (a.k.a Marc Residence) is an exquisite condominium developed by Beverly Tower Development, a reputable developer in Malaysia. This condominium adapts the serviced residence concept therefore it is advisable to beware of GST (6% Goods & Service Tax) related expenses. The plus point of being a serviced residence is the rooms in this condominium is maintained regularly and kept clean.

The designs include studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom suites. Each unit has an elegant furnished living room and a well-equipped kitchen. Among some of the furnishings include an LCD TV with Bose sound system.

These units come with a car park which makes it an ideal reason to purchase or rent. Being in the KLCC area, having a parking bay is absolutely necessary as the KLCC area is known for its congested streets, traffic jams and limited parking spaces. There are, however additional charges for a parking bay. As such, one might want to capitalize on the superb public transport services such as the LRT (Light Rail Transit), Monorail and taxis to commute around town instead of driving.

Marc Service Residence is merely a five minute walk to Suria KLCC shopping center which caters for all shopping needs. There are an abundant number of restaurants and eateries nearby to cater for both local and foreign taste buds.

Property Details

Name: Marc Service Residence (also known as Marc Residence)
Address: Jalan Pinang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Developer: Beverly Tower Development
Type: Serviced Residence
Tenure: Freehold
No. of Blocks: 2
No. of Levels: 35
Sizes: 409 – 3,300 square feet


Type S – Studio (493 square feet)
Type A – 1 bedroom (627 – 636 square feet)
Type B – 2 bedrooms / 2 bedrooms + Study room (797 – 840 square feet)
Type C – 2 bedrooms + Study room (1,006 – 1,074 square feet)
Type D – 3 bedrooms / 3 bedrooms + Utility room (1,297 – 1,529 square feet)
Type E – 4 bedrooms + Utility room (1,626 square feet)
Type F – Exclusive 4 bedrooms + Study room + Utility room + Private lift (2,908 – 3,302 square feet)


Parking bay
Wading pool
Reading room
Tennis court
Barbecue area
Infinity pool
24-hour security
Multipurpose hall


The demographics of this property is a useful indicator of who ones neighbors are most likely to be. Their age group will serve as an indicator of their probable marital status and the age of their children. As of 2015, the demographics are as follows:

Demographics of Marc Service Residence As of 2015
Age Group Race Gender
20-30 years=>20% Chinese=>56% Male=>59%
31-40 years=>32% Malay=>36% Female=>41%
41-50 years=>23% Others=>8% 75 samples analysed
51-60 years=>25% 64 samples analysed
75 samples analysed

Is Marc Residence a Good Property Investment

In 2004, the median asking price per square feet was approximately RM714.29. As of 2014, the price has appreciated to approximately RM1500.00. This is a whopping 10.99% increase per year. As of May 2015, no owner seems to want to sell their units. There are a few units being advertised for rent on the World Wide Web but none for sale. Obviously this is due to the tremendous capital gains enjoyed by the owners of this condo. Going by the philosophy that all known information is reflected in the price, obviously the vendors, agents & purchasers know something good about Marc Service Residence that the masses don’t.
In terms of rental gains, Marc Residence has stagnated in value over the years. In 2007, the median asking price for rent of Marc Residence was approximately RM6.29 per square feet. As of May 2015 the price went down to approximately RM5.68 per square feet. The price has depreciated by 0.07% per year. As the depreciation is less than 1% a year, it can be assumed that the rental values of Marc Residence has stagnated rather than depreciated.
This makes Marc Residence a good condo to purchase for capital appreciation purposes.

What Next?

Well that depends on why you are reading this article. If you want to buy a unit in any of these good properties, you may get free property email alerts here. As and when an advertisement for these properties appear on the World Wide Web, you will be notified via email. If you want to check the median asking price of properties, you may do so here. If you want us to write original content of similar nature for your website (& you are willing to pay for it) contact us here.

In Part 2 of this article, another good investment in the Jalan Perak / Pinang / P. Ramlee area of Kuala Lumpur will be revealed..

Happy investing 🙂

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